Friday, July 11, 2014

Hair Fair Preview!! Dos!!

It's part doux of my picks for this year's Hair Fair, just opening in a moment.. ;) Check out some do's you should definitely check out:
Hair Fair Preview Picks 2
  • Top Left: (Milana) - Karen II in light blondes
  • Next to Milana - Exile - Young & Beautiful, mesh
  • Bottom Left: /Wasabi Pills/ - Midori in Ash, mesh
  • Middle: Exile - Blown Away, mesh
  • Top Right: [MAG] - Lux in Ombres 02 hud, mesh
  • Bottom Right: /Wasabi Pills/ - Barbara in Ash, mesh
.lv tekila v.

Hair Fair PREVIEW!!

Well it's that time that I start sharing some of my personal faves at this year's Hair Fair - due to open to the public in less than 2 hours from now!! ;) I hope you have your lag-free outfit ready AND of course those Lindens!! You'll definitely need them with alll the goodies @ this fair (oot, OOT!). Okay, okay - without further ado... here is my first batch of faves in no particular order:
Hair Fair_Top Picks Preview_WoOhOoo LEFT TO RIGHT
  • .Olive. by Naminaeko - the Alice Hair, mesh
  • MOON {Hair} by Silent Acoustic - Ninth Ave Reverie in Naturals, rigged & non-rigged mesh included
  • Analog Dog by Queue Marlowe - Ring in dark blondes, mesh, hair bases available
  • [^.^Ayashi^.^] by Ikira Frimon - Ima, rigged mesh
To TP to each booth directly just click on the listed names above ;)

Don't forget, your contributions go directly to the awesome children with Wigs for Kids!
Happy Shopping my loves!

.lv tekila v.

Also shown

pose: Posetivity - cleo5
skin: Glance
eyes: [Buzz] Faerie Eyes - Chocolate


This year marks the 9th year residents of Second Life have gone mad over virtual hair but with good reason! Hair Fair 2014 boasts exclusive styles in which part of the proceeds benefit children who participate in Wigs for Kids, a program that provides wigs for children who suffer hair loss due to medical reasons, including chemotherapy and severe burns.

"Over 2 million children are affected by hair loss," according to the program. This bridging of SL and RL is one way the virtual community is helping make a positive change in the real world. And it's the smallest smiles who benefit.
It all starts this Saturday, July 12 - Sunday, July 27, spanning over 4 sims! There's 'wigs' for men and women so expect some lag. To help with it, be sure to dress down to simple clothing layers and leave the scripts behind.
You can also join the official (AND FREE) Hair Fair Demo Group in-world:
If you're not shopping for hair but you'd still like to show some love, you can always participate in Bandana Day, held the last day of the fair. Just purchase a Hair Fair bandana and wear it around to show your
support :) Each bandana is custom-made and sold exclusively at this event.
With so many sims and so many hairstyles to choose from, I'll be bringing you a few of my top picks so be sure to check back soon for more!

For more event info, visit Hair Fair's official site.
And for more on who it helps, visit Wigs for Kids.

.lv tekila v.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Kawaii and Disco!

It's cute, it's kawaii - it's the Manga Fair 2014!! It's the first ever, and as I've mentioned, there's some pretty awesome exclusives and gachas to be had. Here's a few more items I've been dying to share with everyone:
Manga Fair Post 2.1 - Copy
Gotta have fun right?! ;)
  • Heels by B.I.P - OhMyGah heels in Pink V2, mesh for slink high feet*
    • Clutch by Pink Acid - Animal Friend Coin Clutch - Pink Piggy <3 li="">
    • Leggings by -LaBoutique- ... Sweet High Leggings 02, mesh
    • Top by -LaBoutique- ... Sweet Blouse 03, mesh
    • Head by [.LAYOVER.] - Neko Kat Helmet [Heart-G]
    • Wings by .PANIK. - The Kawaii Wings in rose
    • Props by Circa Living ... Rhapsody disco event (Starts July 12th - 28th)
      Manga Fair Post 2 - Copy
    • Ears by .ARISE. Manga ears in White/Pink
    • Shorts by Yasum - Booty Hugger
    • Boots by Yasum - Kawaiii Booties
    • Purse - NS:: - Mesh ANimals Cute Bag, comes with hud w/6 textures
      Manga Post 2.3
    • Skin by Pink Acid - Jakki (Bare) in Peach, appliers included
    • Hair by {^.^Ayashi^.^} - Marise fatpack
    • Outfit by [ Infliction ] - Madira Dress, appliers included
    • Wings by .:Pulse:. - Malicia PVC Wings
    • Mask and hoodie by [geek.] - Wolf Princess Hood in black with Red Mask
    Even if you don't like shopping (and why not?) you should at least visit the sim! It's themed out and it's super cute and pic-friendly ;) For more info on the fair, visit the official blog here.

    Happy Shopping and Exploring!

    .lv tekila v.

    Thursday, July 3, 2014

    Manga, Manga!

    SL's first EVER Manga Fair is officially open! There's dozens of Kawaii-inspired items exclusively for sale at this event. What do I mean by Kawaii - I mean anything cute, of course! Check out a few of those items below:
    Manga Fair 2.1
    • Outfit by Lolita - Farrah Romper (pink), comes in several colors; high-quality mesh!
    • Wings by .PANIK. - Kawaii Wings in Rose
    • Tights by BabyDoll - Leo in pink
    • Heels by TCS - Brooklyn II
    • Also shown: hair by truth, skin by Essences (currently free in-store)
    For more on the Manga Fair, visit their official site!

    Happy shopping ;)
    .lv tekila v.

    Tuesday, July 1, 2014


    Candy Events is hosting their first ever Manga Fair! AND, as of tonight, it's officially open! There's so much kawaii and cuteness to knock anyone's socks off, with exclusive items and gachas all to be had! Here's a sneak peak at what you can expect to find:

    • Hair ... *~*Damselfly*~* Campbell Rigged Mesh (BIG PACK)
    • Dress ... *::MODEST::* -Bear- Cute Animal Friends ... mesh, comes in other styles (PANDA!!)
    • Collar ... .:Buttery Toast:.  In the name of cats - Grey


    • Lingerie ... {PopTart} Pritty Lingerie in Lolita (comes in Bubbles & Sailor Moon), Gacha prize, ea. mesh set comes with PhatAzz & Tango Appliers
    • Tail ... {PopTart} Exclusive - Kitsune Tail (Pastel), comes in 8 colors, sizes
    • Partial pantyhose ... Forever Young - Thigh Corsets - mismatched pastels, comes in several color options
    • Animal ... Forever Young - Cutie Patootie Giraffe, Gacha Prize
    • Hair ... [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Marise Fatpack
    • Heels ... {TCS} Brooklyn II - comes with texture hud, combos are amazing and endless!!

    The Manga Fair runs now 'til the end of the month, midnight! There's over 100 designers with exclusives and gachas alike. For more information on the event itself, visit their official site.

    Happy shopping!
    .lv. tekila v.

    Saturday, June 21, 2014

    Free Fitted Mesh Body!!

    Finally, the time has come...The Shops, "The Mesh Project," has just released a free, high-definition, modifiable mesh female body, including hands and feet! It comes with 36 tones and neck faders are also available for non-mesh head wearers - for free ;)

    This is all part of their Beta Concepts, giving more to the average Second Life player to play with! Making an avatar truly customizeable on the next level. There's also a dress with heels that you can donate toward owning at your own discretion:

    The Mesh Project Beta Donation Gifts
    Thank you to The Shops creators for bringing such a huge gift to Second Life! Again proving why I love this game so much - the push for creativity and the selflessness others show to one another on here. Thank you!

    Before you TP to buy the gifts for free, you must wear their shopping hud! You can find the hud here and the mesh and donation items here.

    Happy shopping SL!

    Love, Tekila V.

    Wednesday, May 7, 2014

    Happy Bday!

    The Chapter Four is celebrating it's first full year being on the grid! Luckily for us that means shared gifts! Join the group now and venture down to the latest round to not only get some great custom mesh, but also the gifts from such great creators :)  Here's a few gifts you can expect to find:
    TCF Bday Gift 1 TCF Bday Gift 3 TCF Bday Gift 2
    Free Gifts
    hair … Moon{hair}. - Unreflected .. comes with Grey-scales hud
    makeup … [theSkinnery] – Spring Allergy
    ring … .Atomic. – Celebrate! Cupcake Ring
    bracelet … [Deadwood] – unisex
    hat … *LODE* – Headwear – Ooo
    table … pr!tty – Turtle Table
    dresses … *ionic* Mia dress – flowers & noir
    dress #2 … .Tokame. Damara Autumn Dress
    Not free (but @ TCF)
    skin … The Skinnery – Xiao in toffee
    hair … Moon{hair}. Cult Division in ombre
    Also shown
    skybox … [CIRCA] Living – Skyworks – Basic in Sea
    furniture … [CIRCA] Living – Charlotte Bay – Full Room set – Mono Blues … comes with 8 blue color combinations plus animations for singles and couples!

    Happy shopping! .lv, tekila v.

    Saturday, April 26, 2014

    FIRST EVER: Cotton Candy Hunt!

    Sugary, sticky sweet! That's the requirements for this year's first ever Cotton Candy Hunt on the grid! Princess Briand is the creative mind behind the scenes, making sure this is a hunt you won't want to miss. There's dozens of participants, including popular faves like AlterEgo, WoW Skins, Cynful Clothing and more. Right now, check out my exclusive reveal of a few prizes you can get from this sweet hunt:

    Cotton Candy Hunt Tease 1
    -Left to Right-

    1. Perch - Sweet Summer Dress ... mesh cute kawaii! (CCH prize)
    -- lollipops - .ARISE. Jumbo Lolli - pink (CCH prize)
    -- skin by Al Vulo - Celestial in Glow Milk, TDR, 70L
    --hair by LoQ'ue - Wine, TDR
    --pose by Label Motion - Mireia, TDR

    2. U:REFINED - Color Me Mini Dress in pink (aka U.R. - CCH prize)
    -- NS:: Mesh Sweet Bag (CCH prize)
    -- skin by Al Vulo - Celestial - Natural Milk, TDR
    -- hair by Truth - Tyr

    3. Outfit by Pr!cK - I'm Your Candy (CCH prize)
    -- skin by League - Erin Suntan Opal
    -- hair by Truth - Rowan

    With this hunt's premier, I decided to ask creator, Princess Briand, what us hunters all ask ourselves - check it out:

    Q. Tekila Vella: First q - what was the inspiration for the Cotton Candy hunt?

    A. Princess Briand: haha, i was searching on mp for something rly cute, candy like. I wanted to do a sweet blog post. Than i saw a meshed cotton candy and then i got the idea, bc i rly liked the name cotton candy hunt.
    Q. Tekila Vella: What can hunters expect with this hunt?

    A. Princess Briand: The theme of this hunt is pinky, girly, cute kawaii style, so its a hunt for ladies. Hunters will find a loot of sweet girly stuff. In this hunt over 100 designers applied and everyone made an awesome item for this hunt.
    The Cotton Candy Hunt starts in 1 week, Sunday, May 4th and goes through May 31st!
    You'll search for pink cotton candy on a stick, then buy the prizes for only 2L each!!

    For more info on this hunt, go here.

    .Happy Hunting!.

    .lv, tekila v.